Radon Sump Pump Cover
  • Radon Sump Pump Cover

    Rak Radon's pliable sump pump cover is a vapor proof membrane designed to seal your sump crock.


    Not only does this cover prohibit radon gases from emitting from the crock, it also prohibits any other odors from being emitted.


    The simplicity in design and ease of installment make Rak Radon's patent pending design the #1 choice in sump pump covers.


    There is no longer any reason to spend hundreds of dollars on aftermarket hard covers that require contacting the original manufacturer to special order sizes to meet YOUR exact sump crock.

    No more wasting your valuable time!

    No more needing specialized tools to disconnect your sump pump, the pipes, and the cords!

    No more mess! 


    Forget all that hassle!

    Simply seal your existing sump cover!


    Because we know you are going to LOVE this product, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 




    This cover is intended to be used as a supplement to your existing state legal cover.  It is not intended to be a weight-bearing cover, and should never be used without your existing hard cover underneath.

    • Return Policy

      If for any reason you should need to return your sump pump cover, you have 30 days from the original purchase date to send it back for a full refund.

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