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Needed a repair/replacement on short notice. Nick was very responsive, performed the repair/replacement within 24 hours at a very fair price. The workmanship was first-rate. If you need a new radon mitigation system or if your existing system needs a repair, look no further than Rak Radon. Really top-notch and highly recommended.
-Vincent C.  |  July 2020

Top-notch service. He was quick and informative about the whole process. It was clean and honestly looks great. We were worried about a big fan and pipe but he ran it along our gutter and we don't even notice it. It blends right in. Awesome work!
-Brandan B.  |  May 2019

He was incredibly responsive to questions. Very clean and neat.
-Bridget H.  |  March 2019

Nick is fantastic! I called and left a message. He called back later that day, and we were able to make a same-day initial appointment. Professional and knowledgeable, even about the science. He explained everything. Not the cheapest estimate, but definitely a better quality job than I was expecting. After the initial appointment and reviewing the estimate (alongside competitors), we decided to go with Rak Radon. In the following visit, Nick made measurements. He came back fully prepared and did a great job as far as I can tell. He installed a unit near our sump pump, & left a radon detection system just to make sure the install would work properly. Unfortunately, the test showed there was more work to be done to get levels low enough. Nick came back to help seal any possible holes that might be leaking radon back into the house. It tuned out to be a drain in the floor a few feet from the sump pump that was leaking. He installed a one-way drain (so only water can go down, and not air up).  That was just the fix we needed.  Radon levels are within recommended EPA ranges.  Very happy all around. Neat. Cleaned up the space. Definitely recommend.
-Lindsey B.  |  June 2020

Very nice, personable repairman. Scheduled appointment within 24 hours of the request, answered emails promptly, showed up on time, got job done in a timely fashion, explained what was wrong with the part that needed repair & charged the amount that was estimated.
-Tony L.  |  August 2018


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